Welcome to SouthWestFox (aka  Many people ask me where the name originated from.  Well to give you the scoop, we put on a Visual FoxPro conference in 2004.  We had a blast but since Visual FoxPro is no longer supported by M$, the language is dieing on the vine, and developers are frantically finding other languages to write code in.  But the domain name is cool so I kept it.  No it's not for sale either.

I was recently laid off from my awesome job after 12 years.  When I started working as their Administrative Assistant, the company was small.  I was interviewed by the owners one which was barefoot.  I'm not naming names since the people are my extended family.  Matter of fact, the day I started, my bosses were in Jerusalem visiting family, so I had two start dates. One when I physically started working, and the other when the bosses came back from their trip.  Both times were unforgettable.  They were both great and free food on both days!

Ever since I was laid off, I have been frantically looking for work so I had a brain storm to post my resume and other misc. stuff on my website.  My main focus to to post my resume, but I also have some other favorites I wouldn't mind sharing in the mean time.